How Do I Order A Size Change After Delivery?

After trying on, if you find that an alternative size is preferred, all you need to do is email us with your request, including the delivery address required, as per your packing note instructions. We'll then email you back with a confirmed delivery day for the changes and provide you with a payment link for the charge, which is just £7 per garment and as usual, £7 for each delivery address required. To keep things simple, all garments supplied on an order are returned in one go come final collection day after the wedding; so there's no need to worry about having to send things back, or swap things, in order to get a size change. Whilst orders that require size changes are certainly in the minority, we do attach the utmost importance to them. We know that for our service to work and be recommended to others, it has to be one where everyone has correctly fitting outfits, and you can rest assured that our stock levels and systems are geared towards making sure that happens come what may.