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Adult outfits
Boys accessory packs

Packs contain a shirt, waistcoat and cravat or tie to match the chosen adult style.
Note: we do not offer jackets or trousers in boys sizes.


Personalised cufflinks showing text, e.g. "Groom", Best Man", "Usher", etc.

Delivery and collection

All outfits are priced at £65.00, regardless of the jacket style or colour. Our prices are for complete outfits consisting of any jacket, trousers, waistcoat, shirt, cravat or tie and handkerchief.

We have done away with complicated upgrades and premium packages. All we offer in addition to the main outfit is an optional damage waiver at £4.00 per outfit; this covers accidental damage to clothing but not loss, theft or malicious damage.

For children we hire our 'Boy's Accessory Pack'; these are available in the same colours and styles as the men and consist of a shirt, waistcoat & cravat or tie - not jackets or trousers. These packs cost £25.00 to hire.

Finally, the total delivery charge is only £7 per address and collection £7 per address. (Not per suit)